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Novelty Cakes

We like to make cakes that don’t look like cakes. We carve them, shape them and put them together in non-traditional ways to represent basically anything you can imagine that will fit the needs of your event. Whether you want a simple looking cake that tastes amazing and is made with natural ingredients, or a sculptured work of edible art – we can do it all.


Try our amazing, fresh baked cupcakes. Every order is made fresh, and with many flavors and toppings to choose from, we can design and customize every batch to your desire.


We love baking cookies of just about every kind! We can deliver to your next event or make a batch for you to pick up. When the holidays roll around, let us bake and decorate your sugar cookies so you can just eat them! But then again, who needs a holiday to enjoy a crafty cookie?

Cake Pops

It’s cake on a stick! Perfect for parties or events so fun that no one wants to sit down with a plate of cake. We provide custom baked mini-cakes so your guests can grab and go.

Print Cakes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’re soon to find out how many bites they contain. We can take a photograph and print it on a tasty cake, so you can eat it.

Every batch, made from scratch!

Let us make the perfect dessert just for you! Being out of the “norm” just comes naturally to us. As such, we source the purest ingredients and utilize cutting-edge techniques to provide an unparalleled eating experience. We do all this with cost-effectiveness in mind to provide superior quality products to our customers at rates they can afford.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our goal is to provide you and your guests happiness and excitement through the art of food. We want to collaborate with you to provide a custom, unique design that will exceed your expectations in both aesthetics and taste.


Cake Pops2

Cake Pops

Sugar Cookies2

Sugar Cookies

Holiday Cookies

Valentine Cupcake

Ice Cream Cupcake


Birthday Cupcakes



little pony




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Graduation Cake

Birthday Cake






Custom Cake2

Custom Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake8

Wedding Cake

Sweet Sixteen Cake

Purse Cake

Mothers Day Cake

Medieval Cake

Going Away Cake

Fondant Lion Cub

Eiffel Tower Cake


Birthday Cake7

Birthday Cake6

Birthday Cake5

Birthday Cake4

Birthday Cake2

Birthday Cake1

Birthday Cake

Baby Shower Cake

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